Aarón Baeza Cerriteño

I transferred from Riverside City College, and my major is Sociology. I am a Latinx, Queer, and first-generation student who love traveling and meeting locals to learn about their life journeys. I find there is always one person that marks me with something special about them.

I am interested in pursuing a pathway that aligns with altruistic values, in connection with nature, while helping others understand their purpose in life. To reach this, I am exploring different areas within sociology and other majors to find an areas of study...

Danniel Munoz

I am a Sociology major/ Public Policy minor who transferred from Chabot College. I am a first-generation, re-entry formerly incarcerated, Native American and Hispanic student.

I will attend graduate school in Public Policy, and I plan to start an organization that provides marginalized youth with ways to become successful.

Jose Gonzalez Ramirez

I am a first-generation, EOP, USP, and DSP student who transferred from Sacramento City College and majors in Sociology. I enjoy playing sports, hiking, playing piano, and socializing.

I would like to study in Washington DC for the semester through UCDC, as I am highly interested in politics, and the impact policy has on society.

Kimberly Baker

I am a first-generation, re-entry student EOP, Latina DSP student who transferred from Las Positas College. My major is Social Welfare, and I will minor in History.

I plan to attend graduate school. Ultimately, I want to work with disadvantaged youth who need mentorship and guidance and provide academic guidance to college students.

Marvin Miller

I am a Latino, first-generation, disabled, low income, system-impacted, re-entry, bilingual student parent. Additionally, I am a former foster youth, formerly incarcerated and formerly homeless individual. I transferred from Santa Ana Community College and major in Molecular and Cell Biology.

I plan to pursue a PhD and research "The Effect of Aging on the Lactate Receptor GPR81 and Metabolic Inflexibility.”

Melody Leppard

I am a first-generation, re-entry, queer, DSP student majoring in Social Welfare. The county I grew up in has been experiencing historical wildfires in recent years, including the 2018 Camp Fire and the 2020 North Complex Fire. I currently work as a crisis counselor for the survivors of these wildfires and hope to continue to work with communities most impacted by climate change in the future as a therapist. I believe that mental health professionals play a vital role in strengthening resilience and recovery in frontline communities. ...

Mohammed Abbas

I am a first-generation, low-income student who transferred from Laney and Berkeley City Colleges. My major is Political Science.

Realizing that that I cannot afford to live in California after graduation, I am going to start my own media production company and travel the world.

Vanessa Bishop

I am a transfer student majoring in Legal Studies with a Human Rights Interdisciplinary minor. My experiences as a homeless student have allowed me to understand the importance of access to basic needs and academic resources in underprivileged communities.

I plan to attend law school and become a human rights attorney and advocate for educational policies that will support the growth of low-income youth of color and students facing homelessness and housing insecurity.

Vanessa Yepez

I am a first-generation, re-entry student Latina who transferred from Modesto Junior College majoring in Legal Studies.

I plan to attend graduate school to pursue a joint degree in law and business. I am interested in joining the real estate sector. In the future, I would like to open my own brokerage firm to especially help first-time home buyers and people of low-income backgrounds purchase a home and accomplish their American dream.