Vanessa Yepez


I am a first-generation, re-entry student Latina who transferred from Modesto Junior College majoring in Legal Studies. 

I plan to attend graduate school to pursue a joint degree in law and business. I am interested in joining the real estate sector. In the future, I would like to open my own brokerage firm to especially help first-time home buyers and people of low-income backgrounds purchase a home and accomplish their American dream.

Research interests: 

My research interest falls within the education and financial sector. I would like to measure the impact early financial education can have on a child (from a low-income, minority background) as an adult. 

I am also interested in measuring how educating parents from immigrant, low-income, minority backgrounds about higher education can shape their attitudes towards their children pursuing a college degree. Most immigrant parents have what I call the “work-work” mentality which means after high school they expect their children to jump straight into the workforce and start providing for themselves rather than investing their time to pursuing an education.