Melody Leppard


I am a first-generation, re-entry, queer, DSP student majoring in Social Welfare. The county I grew up in has been experiencing historical wildfires in recent years, including the 2018 Camp Fire and the 2020 North Complex Fire. I currently work as a crisis counselor for the survivors of these wildfires and hope to continue to work with communities most impacted by climate change in the future as a therapist. I believe that mental health professionals play a vital role in strengthening resilience and recovery in frontline communities. 

After graduating from Cal, I plan to earn my Master’s degree in Social Work with the intention of becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist. I’m interested in understanding how climate change affects the mental health of those most vulnerable to its impacts. 

Research interests: 

I am interested in the intersections of climate change, racial and socioeconomic inequality, and mental health.