Marvin Miller


I am a Latino, first-generation, disabled, low income, system-impacted, re-entry, bilingual student parent. Additionally, I am a former foster youth, formerly incarcerated and formerly homeless individual. I transferred from Santa Ana Community College and major in Molecular and Cell Biology.

I plan to pursue a PhD and research "The Effect of Aging on the Lactate Receptor GPR81 and Metabolic Inflexibility.”

Research interests: 

My research involves understanding the effects of aging on the lactate receptor GPR81 (presently known as Hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 1-HCAR1) and metabolic inflexibility. Past research and study have satisfactorily tackled both the lactate receptor HCAR1 and metabolic activity. This extensive work of research on either phenomenon comes short of exploring and explaining the impact of aging on the lactate receptor HCAR1and metabolic inflexibility.